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My mission for my life is to have Upper cervical care be the entry point on the planet for universal health and wellness. We correct the spine from an upper cervical model to restore proper nerve flow, communication, and harmony in the body. Once the structural integrity has begun, we then assess a patient to see if there are deficiencies, or possible stressors that are causing a detrimental effect on the patient and make recommendations based on that. NUCCA chiropractic is the foundation of upper cervical care. It is a system of addressing the spine that balances the head on the neck with the rest of the spine.

The NUCCA technique is the method that we utilizes to help align the spine. It is an extremely gentle procedure that involves finding out how the spine has misaligned in a very specific way. Once this is determined, a very gentle correction to the spine is made. X-rays are taken to determine exactly where the spine has moved and, after the initial correction x-rays are complete, if the spine has moved back into a more neutral position.

Once structural alignment is achieved, our patients have the option to address their nutritional needs further. We utilize Standard Process products in our office to help our patients achieve optimal health.

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Wellness Chiropractic

Wellness Chiropractic

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I love the accuracy of the treatment and the almost instant results. Your procedure is painless and quick. It’s amazing how much happens to my body with what seems like very little effort on your part. I readily invite friends and family to try it.
Your care is heartfelt and you offer expertise that other doctors don’t even consider. At your best, you make things better when I didn’t even know how much was wrong. At your worst, you don’t hurt a thing and try more than any one else I know. God bless you!
Wonderful results!!!! THE ONLY Treatment that has EVER WORKED!!!!!