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My mission for my life is to have Upper cervical care be the entry point on the planet for universal health and wellness.

Our Chiropractor, Dr. Connor, understands that visiting a doctor for the first time can be overwhelming and nerve wracking.  She knows that neck pain and migraines can be caused by conditions such as a herniated disc or cervical stenosis, it may also be the result of small injuries to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the cervical spine.

Herniated Disc, Pinched nerve, and Bulging Disc are some of the terms used to describe spinal disc pathology and associated pain. Either of Herniated disc or Pinched nerve can occur in the cervical (neck), thoracic (Upper) or Lumbar (lower) spine.  A thoracic herniated disc can cause upper back pain, neck pain and other symptoms, such as radiating pain or numbness.

My mission in life is to have upper cervical care be the entry point on the planet for universal health and wellness. We correct the spine from a dynamic upper cervical care model to restore proper nerve flow, communication, and harmony in the body. Once the structural integrity has begun, we then utilize other tools to determine deficiencies or weakness that may be occurring internally. Our Chiropractor in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa strive to do our very best for our patients. Migraines, Neck Pain, and Herniated Disc can be corrected by using the Upper Cervical Techniques.

Upper cervical care is an extremely gentle procedure that involves finding out how the spine has misaligned and compensated in a very specific way. Once this is determined by our doctors, through the use of a precision posture measuring device, specific x-rays, an examination and a scan of your nervous system a gentle correction can be made to bring the body into a neurologically neutral position. This is where the body needs to be to heal optimally.

Once the foundation has been corrected, the patient has the option to address some of the biochemical stress in their system.

Upper cervical care of Southern California…. we are an upper cervical practice that gently balances the the spine to free up the nervous
system in order to restore health and communication with the rest of the body.

The single most important factor in any relationship is good communication. Whether it be a relationship, car, house or BODY…
good communication is crucial to the well being of everything in life. The brain and spinal cord(the central nervous system),
is the master controller of the body. If communication is broken down between the brain and the body or from the body to the brain, we have problems. If your body cannot self-heal and self regulate, this is the beginning of trouble or dis-ease within the body. Initially this will manifest as a symptom in the body or eventually a disease process within the body.

Where does the break down of the body begin? Birth is very traumatic on a babies head and neck. During the first few years of life when we are learning to walk we fall hundreds of times. Small accidents, injuries such as falling off a bike or sporting injuries cause the body to misalign and shift off it’s center of gravity.
The body is extremely resilient and will always attempt to compensate and adapt to being thrown off. When the center of gravity of the head moves off the center of gravity of the pelvis(the base of support for the body), there are a whole cascade of reactions that occurs as a result of this. The head moves off center,
the neck will shift to counter balance the weight of the head. There will be spasm of muscle on one side of the body more than the other, which will create a high and low hip, a long and short leg, then the body will begin to carry more weight on one side of the body more than the other. When all of this happens,
neurological pressure happens in different areas of the spine. Once this occurs, the break down of communication between the brain and the body, the body and the brain begins. This is beginning of malfunction or dis-ease in the system. Over a period of time, this will eventually manifest as disease in the person.
At upper cervical care of Southern California, patients come in with a wide variety of symptoms such as neck pain, low back pain, middle back pain, knee issues, hip issues, sciatica, ADD, ADHD, epilepsy, post-concussion syndrome, hormone disorders, diabetes, constipation, dementia, Alzheimer’s, ear infections,
blood pressure issues, migraines, headaches, joint pain, arthritis, sporting injuries, scoliosis, torticollis(wry neck), menstrual issues, infertility, TMJ, Trigeminal neuralgia (TN), seizures, accidents and injuries.

The missing link…. unfortunately in our society, often the first time the nervous system is evaluated, is after a severe accident when there may be paralysis involved or severe injury. The other time it is evaluated is when there is the suspicion of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Your brain and spinal cord control EVERY other system of your body.
Without a proper functioning nervous system, nothing else in the body functions to it’s optimal potential. It is the FOUNDATION to health and wellness. Unfortunately, by the time it is first evaluated, it is often 50-70 years too late.

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I love the accuracy of the chiropractic treatment and the almost instant results. Your procedure is painless and quick. It’s amazing how much happens to my body with what seems like a very little effort on your part. My Migraine and Neck Pain is gone. Best chiropractor in Costa Mesa. I readily invite friends and family to try it.
Wonderful results!!!! THE ONLY Treatment that has EVER WORKED!!!!! Dr. Connor is the best Chiropractor in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa area. She cured my herniated disc and back pain. If you are in Costa Mesa and have back pain, neck pain or upper cervical issue, Dr. Connor is the one to see. Best Chiropractor. Period.
Your care is heartfelt and you offer expertise that other doctors don’t even consider. At your best, you make things better when I didn’t even know how much was wrong. At your worst, you don’t hurt a thing and try more than anyone else I know. My Back Pain, Pinched Nerve, Bulging disc problems, all gone. Only Chiropractor in Costa Mesa / Newport Beach I would go to. God bless you!